Gautam Singhania Global School

Gautam Singhania Global School

“Engaging, Integrated, inquiry driven, Innovative Comprehensive Curriculum is designed to provide to each student Roots to stay grounded and Wings to soar high”

GSGS Schools will be having grade 3 and 4 starting next academic year. For both Foundational and Elementary Stage we have an in house designed curriculum with global dimensions that caters to diverse learning needs of students and is based on experiential learning making it a joyful experience for students and teachers.

Foundational Stage

Assessment and Learning Pedagogy

Comprehensive and Continuous Assessment with Child Centered Teaching Learning Pedagogy

Flexible Curriculum

Flexible curriculum with engaging hands-on activities which stimulates the spirit for exploration and discovery.


Interdisciplinary and Experiential Learning Opportunities

Social and Emotional

Building a strong Social and Emotional foundation in early childhood ensures development of social relationships and higher cognitive abilities

Lifelong Learners

Strong team of facilitators kindling the curiosity of every child to think and become lifelong learners.




Visual Arts






Languages & Literacy-

English (1st  Language)

Hindi or Marathi (2nd  Language optional)

In Grades I-II, Environmental Studies is taught with an integrated and interdisciplinary approach. From Grade III though it bifurcates into Science and Social Science, conceptual, scientific and project-based approach continues


Smart Classrooms

Smart Classrooms to help teachers in delivering the concept better, and produce more meaningful learning experiences by using audio/visual aids from various sources.

Hands on Activities

Students work in groups on carefully designed inquiry based activities

Peer Learning

Which facilitates partnerships and group work.

Role Plays

Role plays are an effective method of getting the message across wherein students take roles of persons and sometimes of phenomenon such as ones that are part of ecosystem, to demonstrate the lesson in an interesting and immediate manner.

Projects and Models

Known as the effective teaching tools projects are used as demonstrative tools to explain a particular concept. Once the child creates his/her own project, it is easier for the child to internalize the concept by ‘learning by doing’.

smart Classrooms

Gautam Singhania Global School facilitates learning through smart classrooms. Aesthetically designed furniture has been provided in each classroom, keeping in mind the comfort of the students. Our classrooms are well-lit, spacious and equipped with technology- based learning aids. Each classroom is strategically prepared addressing the multiple intelligences right from foundational stage to Elementary stage. 

Library- “Brain Storming Corner”

Libraries support learning within the pedagogic goals of the school. All the Gautam Singhania Global School houses a vast collection of books for students to become voracious readers.

The “Brain Storming Corner” as we call it is a user-friendly space. An open access system ensures student and staff to glide through the ocean of knowledge and pick the book of their choice. One spacious, air-conditioned, well lit, comfortably furnished, tastefully decorated library caters to young minds satiating their passion for reading and building onto their  imagination.

School Buses

We keep the safety of the students a priority even when they are not on the school campus. All school buses are equipped with medical kit and fire extinguishers. The drivers and conductors of each bus carry a mobile phone that is traceable by the school. They can be reached on their phones in cases of emergencies as well. There is also a female staff present in the buses at all times and GPS trackers are shared.

School Entry Point

1. The campus has 24 x 7 security cover, with guards stationed at all the three Gates.
2. No parent or visitor can enter the school without Escort / ID card. Visitors are also provided Visitor’s card and pass for entry.
3. Entry of parents and visitors in school premises are registered.


“What can be learned on the ground cannot be learned in the classroom”
At Gautam Singhania Global School we lay a strong emphasis on sports and physical development. Our sports curriculum is planned and designed for students to develop and enhance skills like strength, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility, control, balance etc.
Sports, today has also evolved as a form of entertainment and also offers promising careers.


Outdoor Activity

Physical Education

chess, chessboard, board




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