Gautam Singhania Global School

Gautam Singhania Global School


Kavesar, Thane West – 400615.
Landmark – Opp. D-Mart

Swaminarayan City, Mothagaon,
Dombivli West, Dombivli – 421202.
Welcome to Gautam Singhania Global School, where we are dedicated to nurturing young minds, fostering academic excellence, and creating a supportive community that inspires lifelong learning and personal growth. Explore our rich history, passionate educators, and commitment to providing a holistic education for every student.

“Collaboration, Compassion, Community, Culture, and Candour are the pillars of our Schools”

Mrs. Revathi Srinivasan

Director - Education, Singhania Schools

Why us

Our Core Values

We are a community united in our pursuit of knowledge and growth, bound by our shared commitment to these essential principles. Our core values are rooted in a commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and continuous learning, as we strive to empower and inspire individuals on their educational journey.


Collaboration is the heartbeat of innovation, where diverse minds harmonize to create a symphony of collective brilliance.


Community is the shared heartbeat of belonging, where individuals unite to cultivate support, connection, and a tapestry of shared experiences.


Compassion is the gentle force that binds hearts, fostering understanding and kindness in a world that thrives on empathy.


Culture is the living canvas of shared values, traditions, and expressions that shapes the identity and soul of a vibrant society.


Candour is the unwavering honesty that illuminates paths of trust, fostering genuine connections and fostering growth.

school Amenities

Computer Lab
Study room
Dance Room
running Track
Activity Room
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Admissions for Dombivali School have started for Nursery to Grade 3 for the Academic year 2024-25 from 31st JANUARY 2024.